Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cash Crate

Well this one has to be my all time favorite site online Cash Crate. Cash crate is one of the best sites I've been on. Easy to sign up and they reward you with your first $1.00 for confirming your email address. They surprise you with new categories on offers to try out. Surveys can be completed daily without limits. Checks are through Pay pal and by check. I've been on cash crate for more than a year now, it's the first site I started with and it's the first site I always go back to. It's always new ways to make money on this sites, that's why I'm always on there day in and day out. If there is any site I think you should be on its this one.

 Get Paid To Do Free Offers!


  1. Hey travis jus found yur blog. i heard about cashcrate a while back but never really checked it out but if u say that dat great i might as well sign up and i did see yur payment proof on gpt top sites i'll let u kno when i signup peace

    1. thnx its an awesome site to make a lil money on hope u the best...

    2. on my first check i will donate some of it if it's high enough to share lol.. o are u goin to check all da different sites?